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We provide easy to use resources to help your friend thrive during cancer.
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The Problem

Once someone receives a cancer diagnosis, they need support, but don’t have the energy to accept that support, which makes you feel helpless.

The Solution

We believe that basic needs are not basic. We understand the strength of the community needed to be able to support someone during this challenging time, which is why we started Beyond Basic Needs.

Cancer warriors undergoing chemo deserve tools to thrive which is why we created Chemo Care Kits and partnered with Give InKind to provide an easy path towards gaining support from your network.

How It Works


Gift a Chemo Care Kit
(donation optional)


Create or help them create
a Give InKind page


Support your friend and help them beat cancer

Join the 25 to Thrive Challenge

25 to Thrive Challenge

Join The 25 to Thrive Challenge

Enlist your network to help us raise funds to provide Chemo Care Kits at no charge to cancer warriors.

The Challenge: Raise $25 from 25 of your friends, family and community.

Getting started is as easy as 1… 2… 3…

1. Create a fundraiser on Facebook or Instagram benefitting Beyond Basic Needs with a goal of $625

2. Get 25 of your friends to donate $25 each by sharing the fundraiser with your network

3. Win the challenge and get exclusive Beyond Basic Needs swag

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Beyond Basic Needs?

At Beyond Basic Needs, we provide hope to those in need. 

For Cancer Warriors undergoing chemotherapy, we provide Chemo Care Kits at no charge to cancer warriors undergoing chemo. We believe these kits inspire, uplift and help our community thrive during this challenging time.

In addition, we connect those in need to the technology that makes it easy to manage and get help for basic services including food delivery, cleaning services, transportation services and other basic needs at no charge to the individual. We believe these services are imperative to improving the quality of life after a medical event.

Our volunteer network spreads awareness and helps those in need utilize the technology to organize support.

What is a Chemo Care Kit?

A Chemo Care Kit is designed for cancer warriors undergoing chemotherapy. Each kit contains a port pillow, compression socks, lip balm, and a variety of goodies that these warriors deserve.

A Port Pillow protects the port from the seat belt.

Additional Goodies

chemo care kit

How can I make a donation to Beyond Basic Needs?

Click here to start the online donation process.

To send a check, please make the check out to Beyond Basic Needs. Please provide your contact information (Name, Address, Email Address) so we can provide a receipt of the donation. Please mail the check to: Beyond Basic Needs, 1093 A1A Beach Blvd #454 St Augustine, FL 32080.

Is my donation to Beyond Basic Needs tax deductible?
The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) recognizes Beyond Basic Needs Inc. as a Section 501(c)(3) public charity. Our Federal Tax ID Number is 85-3075681. Contributions to Beyond Basic Needs Inc. may be eligible for tax deduction in the U.S.A., please consult your tax advisor for eligibility. No goods or services were offered or provided in exchange for this contribution.
How does Beyond Basic Needs use the donations it collects?
At Beyond Basic Needs, we are extremely grateful for your donation. 100% of funds donated for Chemo Care Kits go directly to the items within the kits and shipping. For all other donations, we put your money to work raising awareness and supporting InKind Pages setup through a Beyond Basic Needs link.
What is the relationship between Beyond Basic Needs and Give InKind?
Beyond Basic Needs connects you to the tools you need to thrive in this period of time with the help of your friends, family and support community. We have partnered with Give InKind, an easy-to-use online tool for organizing support during life’s important and challenging moments.

Each InKind Page empowers communities to help from anywhere through a Care Calendar, Wishlist, News and Updates, Donations, and more. From the birth of a baby, to the loss of a loved one, to medical crisis, and disasters, Give InKind makes support simple so that no one goes through a big moment alone.

Give InKind is a free platform that generates revenue from partner products throughout the site, the products sold directly, and optional tips from supporters.

For those InKind Pages started through Beyond Basic Needs, there is a revenue share of the optional tips from supporters. We use these funds to further extend our reach and help more people in need.

Is there a fee to use Give InKind?
No – Give InKind is a free platform that makes money from partner products throughout the site, the products sold directly, and optional tips from supporters.
How can I get help to setup my InKind Page?

Our volunteers can answer any of your questions and help you get started by building an InKind Page.

Click here to get in touch with our volunteers.

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