How It Works

We connect you to the tools you need to thrive in this period of time with the help of your friends, family and support community. We have partnered with Give InKind, an easy-to-use online tool for organizing support during life’s important and challenging moments.

There is more than one way to show support. Whether it’s a meal drop off for a family with a new baby, rides to the doctor for an ailing friend, child and pet care for someone in the hospital, or a prayer calendar for the loss of a loved one, you and your community can organize it all in one place on Give InKind – for free.

Give InKind Beyond Basic partnership

It’s as Easy as 1, 2, 3

1. Create an InKind Page

  • Click the link to Create an InKind Page and you will be transferred to Give InKind
  • Easily create an InKind Page for yourself or someone else in just five minutes
  • Share your story, photo, food and delivery preferences, and other important information
  • Let people know if phone calls, texts, visitors, or flowers are ok

2. Customize Your InKind Page

  • Add unlimited requests for meals, child care, gift cards, and other help — for free
  • Build a Wishlist and connect Donation accounts to enable multiple ways to help
  • Invite others to help co-manage your InKind Page and organize support

3. Share Your InKind Page

  • Invite friends and family from near and far to share in the support
  • Post Updates with photos and videos to keep others up-to-date from one centralized location
  • Receive the support that is needed from your community