What People Are Saying About Our Chemo Care Kits

Cancer is a tough battle to fight alone. At Beyond Basic Needs, we do everything in our hands to support cancer patients and their families so they don’t feel alone in this journey. We understand firsthand the challenges of a cancer diagnosis and are dedicated to helping cancer warriors through every step of the process. We believe no one should have to face cancer alone; our Chemo Care Kits support cancer patients and their families so they don’t feel alone in this journey. We have received fantastic feedback about how our kits have helped chemo warriors through their treatments. Here are some things people have said about our Chemo Care Kits:
Ronnie Review

‘‘I did receive the chemo care kit. Thank you so much. Everything included was perfect and will definitely be used. I appreciate it so much thank you.’’


‘‘I did get the kit and so appreciate it. There was way more than I expected, so it was a very nice surprise. Thanks again for all you do!’’


‘‘Yes, I received the care package, and I thank you so much! Very thoughtfully put together.’’


David Review
Tara Review

‘‘It meant the world to me to receive this care package. This whole process is hard and often very isolating, but finding folks like you helps to create that community of caring to get through it all. That little pillow designed for chemo ports is so helpful to me since I attached it to my seatbelt rather than putting a towel there since the belt rubs against the area of treatment. It’s much softer and makes it easier to drive without friction on my pelvic/stomach area.’’


‘‘Hi, Rachel. I actually received my package yesterday! Just in time as this week, I had a complication at chemo where my needle backed out of the port and chemo leaked into my chest/arm so the port pillow has come in SO handy today. I want to thank you so much for the package, everything I received was so thoughtful and appreciated. Once I am better I would like to get in contact with you to see how I can help give back. I would love to turn my situation into a positive and help others feel hope!’’


Jess Review

‘‘We just got it today and thank you so much for all the goodies!!! Truly thankful.’’


‘‘We wanted to thank you for the package and helping others like myself with cancer. It is people like you who really make a difference in our lives during treatment. ’’


‘‘It’s organizations like this that bring light into this journey. I appreciate all that you are doing. This definitely isn’t easy but so glad to have found y’all. ’’


Sonya Review-1
Laura Review-1

‘‘Thank you for checking on me. Yes, I did receive the package and I LOVE all the extra stuff y’all sent. It is much appreciated. Y’all are the best!!’’


‘‘Hi Rachel, Thank you for reaching out and thank you for the chemo care kit. I received it a few weeks ago. I appreciate the support and kindness!’’


‘‘I received the Chemo Care Kit on a particularly low day. I appreciate you and what you’re doing!!!’’


Sonya Review-1

We want to help make this process as smooth as possible. If you or someone you know is facing cancer, please contact us.

We are here to help. You don’t have to do this alone!

Beyond Basic Needs

Support Cancer Warriors Undergoing Chemo

We are running a special fundraiser right now to help warriors battling cancer all over the US. 

Each donation of just $25 buys a kit that contains a pillow, compression socks, lip balm, and a variety of goodies that these warriors deserve.

If you would like to request a Chemo Care Kit, click here.

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